Review: Blueberry Scone at Espresso Profeta

The other day I met up for coffee with a friend from college. She is back here from the Bay Area so I had to ask her if there were any Westwood haunts she has been missing. You know, for nostalgia with a side of nostalgia. As I knew she would, she chose Espresso Profeta. I was starving and needed some sort of food, so why not multitask and taste test another cafe’s scone while I was restoring my blood sugar? Hmmm…which flavor to try? Oh, wait. They only have blueberry. Decision made.

Blueberry Scone at Espresso Profeta

Blueberry Scone at Espresso Profeta

Espresso Profeta is a tiny coffeehouse hidden on the outskirts of Westwood Village. The ambiance is definitely perfect for a catch-up with friends or a solo book date with just yourself and a literary classic. The interior blends modern sleek tables and chairs with the quaint brick of the building, but it’s claim to fame is it’s adorable outdoor patio area. There are only a few tables so you have to snag one quickly. If you are meeting friends, I suggest tag teaming your orders. It also takes forever to order, to pay, and to actually get your drink. Plan accordingly.

Unfortunately in my experience, if you want pleasant customer service to match the pleasant surroundings, you are probably out of luck. It’s like the baristas know they make great espresso drinks and if you don’t pay deference to their status you are unworthy of a smile much less their superior coffee. The barista looked aghast when I started asking questions and for recommendations. Add to that the insanely high prices for the drinks and you’ll understand why in college I only ever went to Profeta with my friend for a coffee date. Which is really a shame because I love finding hidden gems and this spot would have qualified.

Okay, food and drink time.

Because I don’t like drinking milk that isn’t low or nonfat and I don’t like overly sweet drinks, I had to get a classic cappuccino. Their signature Cafe Nico–what I really wanted to order–could only be made with cream so that was sad. But the cappuccino really was fantastic, smooth and not too bitter. It didn’t even need any sugar. It better be great considering it was very small (smaller than a tall at Starbucks) and very pricey.

Blueberry Scone at Espresso Profeta

Blueberry Scone at Espresso Profeta

But really, we care most about the scone. And it was….sigh, it was a little better than just okay. It was a good size for a breakfast scone and the inside was soft and cakey, but the outside edges were burnt and there was an unnecessary sugary glaze over the top. I like how the scone looked and felt homemade instead of mass produced at a factory, but again the outside was burnt so the blueberries and sugar formed these tough sticky spots that got stuck in my teeth. Other than those few things I did like the scone. It wasn’t too sweet which is something I always appreciate in American style breakfast scones, and it did satisfy as a legitimate breakfast. I would choose it over more mainstream coffeeshop scones for sure.

Final thoughts…

Worth a return trip? Only if my friend wants to go to coffee again. It is not a place I’ll be seeking out by any means. And I will admit that if I am in Westwood, I am more likely to be found at one of the three Starbucks.

Espresso Profetta

1129 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024

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